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What is high shear agitator for coating?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-09-02 14:01:01

high shear agitator

The high shear agitator is a new industrial high shear mixing equipment,it has a wide range in many chemicals area.High shear agitator can be designed on the requirement of our clients.in addition, we also provide pre-sale service, design a suitable plan for you!

high shear agitator

As a professional high shear agitator manufacturer, we not only pursue the best quality of high shear agitator, but also provide a good service for you! High shear agitator can be equipped with 37KW-4P anti-explosion motor in chinese brand,hydraulically lifting structure,The diameter of the dispersing disk is Φ350 mm, the speed is 0-1500 rpm.the parts of high shear agitator for coating is made from stainless steel,or other material can depend on you!

What\'s more, we adopt FOB price of high shear agitator for coating for you, if you want to choose price of terms,CFE and CIF are ok, any details of high shear agitator can be negotiable. high shear agitator is widely used in paint, coating, ink, paste, sealant and so on. welcome to contact me 008618028192312 or below:

high shear

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