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Bangladesh customers - grafting glue production equipment and production line

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-08-04 14:33:23

grafting glue

Nowadays, with the footwear industry, bags, handbags industry, such as the continuous development of fabrics, the demand for adhesives is also growing. We have received several customers who want to start grafting glue making project, including Bangladesh customers this time. It seems that the grafting glue industry is very popular in the textile industry. Now let me introduce something about grafting glue equipment and production line for you!

grafting glue

Grafting glue is made from neoprene-based raw materials and other auxiliary materials produced by the copolymer. And grafting glue equipment required for the production of simple, as well as grafting glue production process is also simple. General grafting glue equipment used in the production includes a platform, a reactor, a blending kettle, vacuum pump, heating device, condenser, discharge pump, filter device and so on. 

grafting equipment

And do grafting glue is generally the first to use the reactor to stir the glue, and then use the blending kettle dilution to do the adhesive, the last step should discharge the materials, filter and packaging. If you want to know more about grafting glue equipment, you can feel free to contact with us!

grafting equipment

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