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epic! Strongly stir the structure of the disperser!

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-07-18 17:10:19

Many people may not know what a powerful agitation disperser is. It is a three-axis disperser or a powerful disperser. It is only because the local names are different. In fact, the machines are all the same. Today, we will briefly introduce the structure and function of the powerful disperser to help you better understand the device.


 For manufacturers who are accustomed to high-speed dispersing machines, or two-axis dispersing machines, it is a bit strange to the powerful dispersing machine, because you can compare the parameter configuration clearly, and there are differences in each way. Structurally, the two are not the same. The powerful dispersing machine is mainly in a vertical structure and consists of three motors. There are 2 sets of high-speed dispersing discs and 1 mountain-shaped low-speed scraping scraping bottom paddle, and 1 material temperature measuring head. The sealing head and the lid of the kettle can be closely combined to perform vacuuming and pressurizing operations. It has the function of exhaust defoaming, and it is practical and convenient.

     From the aspect of lifting: mainly hydraulic lifting, the speed of mixing can be frequency-controlled, the size can be varied from 5L-5000L according to user requirements, and the interlayer can be designed in the barrel, which can effectively perform heating and cooling operations. Effective and most widely applicable to the mixed production of a variety of materials, such as silicone sealants, structural adhesives, electronic adhesives, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, plastics industry, chemical products, etc., also known as a kind of practice has been more Functional high efficiency mixer. Mainly used in the production of paste, high viscosity materials! After reading it, do you think that the functional structure is more complicated, and it is quite powerful, like friends, hurry to inquire, we can tailor the match for you, there is always one for you!

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