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Come fast! About the composition of the three-axis disperser!

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2019-07-17 17:15:51

Many people may not know much about this equipment before touching the three-axis disperser, but they are impressed by the high-speed disperser. In fact, the three-axis disperser refers to a powerful dispersing machine, which is very different from the high-speed dispersing machine. Its structure, application, function, price, etc. are not a grade. Compared with the three-axis dispersing machine, its structure is relatively simple. Let\'s get to know the device together.


The three-axis disperser is a high-efficiency multi-functional mixer that has been proven by practice. It can meet the requirements of users to quickly change the operation process during operation. Various mixing machines that can meet high and low viscosity materials can be customized according to user requirements.

So, what is the composition of the device?

1) The powerful dispersing machine is mainly a fixed vertical dispersing machine. What is strong? Mainly it has two high-speed dispersing paddles, and the butterfly blade on the upper part can be equipped with a crushing function. The kettle has a measuring material temperature, a liquid level meter, and a “mountain” type paddle with The effect of scraping the bottom and scraping the bottom, the transmission device is composed of three motors, the speed of which can be frequency-controlled, and the operation is also quite convenient.

2) The structure usually adopts thick steel plate and special sealing structure to adapt to vacuum and pressure. It has the effect of exhausting and defoaming.

3) The tank to which it is associated can usually be equipped with a plurality of movable cylinders, which are usually designed as a jacket structure for heating or cooling.

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