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How about the dough mixing equipment in JCT?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-11-03 10:57:56

dough equipment

The dough mixing equipment is a kind of chemical mixing equipment, it can be known as kneader, kneading machine in JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd, dough mixing equipment is not only a mixing equipment, it\'s also a customized dough mixing equipment with good quality and good service.JCT dough mixing equipment,you best choice!

dough equipment

JCT Machinery as a dough mixing equipment manufacturer in China, we produce the suitable dough mixing equipment on your requirement.JCT dough mixing equipment can be designed into stainless steel or carbon steel as contact material.we can ensure the purity and quality of products.

dough equipment

JCT dough mixing equipment can be customized into suitable type you want,it can kneading various viscosity BMC,CMC ,Silicone Sealant it also can be used in chemical, plastic, rubber, printing ink, carbon, medicine and food industries.

dough equipment

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