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How much does the JCT planetory mixer?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-11-03 11:03:13

planetory mixer

How much does the JCT planetory mixer? in general,the prices of planetory mixer is up to your requirement, such as capacity, daily output, pressure, application, vacuum degree and other factors,as a planetory mixer manufacturer, we often adopt the terms of price,they are FOB, CFR, CIF, FOB price are the most common in JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd.

planetory mixer

The planetory mixer is high efficient, multi-functional equipment combining reaction, mixing, blending and dispersion.it's suitable for the production process of liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, ointment-ointment, powder-ointment and materials with huge difference of density and proportion or from low to high viscosity (1,500,000Cps).The mechanical seal and (echelon) soft seal between the vessels enable the materials to be processed under vacuum condition.

planetory mixer

The planetory mixer can be customized into the suitable type you want,it can be equipped with the extruder. Different mixing forms are available as options according to different process.if you're interested in any details of planetory mixer, welcome to contact us any time!

planetory mixer

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