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Good customizing design! What is the chemical plough share mixer?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-12-20 16:59:24

plough share mixer

Good customizing design! What is the chemical plough share mixer? as far as I'm concerned,chemical plough share mixer is a kind of powder mixer, which can be designed into jacket after the production of pressure vessel standard,chemical plough share mixer can be made into the reaction, drying, mixing production process.

plough share mixer

The chemical plough share mixer combines reaction, drying and mixing, which can complete the plow-type production process.it can replace the traditional powder production process in the chemical industry and other industries.it can greatly improve product quality and production.

plough share mixer

JCT chemical plough share mixer adopts atomizing nozzle, it can achieve flexible cooling and heating process,discharge patter pneumatic flap valve,in addition, we can provide the flexible plan to chemical plough share mixer, if you're interested in it, welcome to contact us!

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