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What machine can make acrylic polyurethane paint?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-11-13 14:41:58

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           Acrylic polyurethane paint is a high-grade acrylic resin, paint, additives and solvents composed of paint components for the hydroxyl group, with aliphatic isocyanate as another component of the two-component self-drying coatings. Do you what machinery and equipment can be made of acrylic polyurethane paint? Reactor is an important equipment for acrylic polyurethane paint. It mainly carries out reaction polymerization by dispersing and mixing various materials by stirring, heating and cooling.

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        Our company specializes in the production and export of chemical machinery and equipment for 11 years, our company can produce a variety of machinery, such as kneading machine, power mixer, planetary mixer, reactor etc. In the production of acrylic polyurethane paint, we produce the reactor which you can have a variety of options in terms of volume, heating methods, mixing methods.In terms of volume, from 50 to 30000 liters. In heating methods, you can choose Electric heating, steam heating, water bath heating; In the mixing method, you can choose paddle, frame, turbo, ribbon etc. So in the production of acrylic polyurethane paint, you can choose the production method you want.
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         If you are interested in producing acrylic polyurethane paint and want to order the reactor,please contact us as much as possible.By the way ,you can visit our company website,which the link is http://www.mixmachinery.com/reactor/.We are appreciating your coming.

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