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The Sri lanka client order the jacket reactor for developing acrylic glue production line

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-11-14 14:42:03

Sri Lanka client   

      On the afternoon of november 13th,We get to Guangzhou South Railway Station to pick up the Sri Lanka client.They plan to come to our company and discuss the thier project which is acrylic glue production line.On the way back to the company from Guangzhou South Railway Station,we briefly introduce our company to them.They are interested in visiting our company equipment which is jacket reactor.

     acrylic glue
      The jacket reactor is an important equipment to produce the acrylic glue,During the visit of companny,we tell more details about the jacket reactor which is used to produce acrylic plastic.It is mainly breaking down or combined the materials through mixing,filling and cooling,to promote the reaction of polymerization.In the heating methods,you can choose one of the heating methods which are eletric heating,steam heating and heated in water.In the stirring from,you can choose anchor paddle,block,ribbon,turbine etc.Accdoring to your needs,You are free to choose that you needs.
jacket reactor

       After listening to our introduction of the jacket reactor,they are satistied with our jacket reactor.Then, we continue to dicuss acrylic glue production lines.Our negotiations are very smooth which we sign a contract agreement.If you are interested in acrylic glue production line and want to purchase the jacket reactor,please contact us as much as possible.

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