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Z blade mixer is similar with the Sigma Mixer?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-04-05 15:53:08

z blade mixer

Z blade mixer is similar with the Sigma Mixer? Yes,they have little differences. To be honest,Z blade mixer and sigma mixer can be known as JCT kneading machine, the most difference is the mixing blaze shape.the customers can choose the suitable Z blade mixer according to their requirement.

JCT z blade mixer

Z blade mixer is a ideal mixing and kneading machine, which is used for rubber production best. Why? because Z blade mixer can be used for high viscosity material.Z blade mixer can be divided into lab type, vacuum type, stainless steel type and other types of Z blade mixer.

z blade mixer

Z blade mixer can be designed into your ideal type according to your request.You can tell me about your basic request to us, and we give feedback to our engineer, so that we can give you a suitable Z blade mixer design and favorable price.

JCT z blade mixer

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