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Chemical powder u blender can be found in JCT?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-04-06 15:33:19


Chemical powder u blender can be found in JCT? Yes,as one of chemical powder u blender manufacturer in China,JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd specialize in chemical powder u blender production, Sales, research more than 10 years! you will believe us when you enter our factory and determine how to purchase JCT chemical powder u blender or not.

JCT u blender

Chemical powder u blender can be known as horizontal ribbon mixer for powder production process.Chemical powder u blender is composed of a U-shaped shell, a stirrer is placed into the blade and the moving parts. The spiral ribbon is a double-layer inner and outer structure, and the outer spiral gathers the material from both sides to the center. 

u blender

Chemical powder u blender has a great effect for a sticky or cohesive mixture of powder and powder and powder to add liquid and paste the material mixture.the cap of chemical powder u blender can be made for fully open door.If you have any idea, welcome to contact us in your free time!

JCT u blender

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