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Where can i buy plasticine mixer?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-10-19 11:45:39

where can i buy plasticine

Where can i buy plasticine mixer? you can consider JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd in China, as a plasticine mixer manufacturer, we can provide a complete set of plasticine mixer or relational plasticine mixer configuration for you, in addition, we can provide the service of design for plasticine mixer on your demand.

where can i buy plasticine

The plasticine  mixer is widely used in high viscosity product, such as Resins,Sealant,silicon rubber, glue/adhesive,paint,dye,

BMC/CMC, pigment, plastics, batteries.As for food industry, it can used in bubble gum,dough,chewing gum, soft candy, cheese etc.and pharmaceutical area, it's suitable for some medicines & medical materials.

where can i buy plasticine

JCT plasticine mixer is also known as kneader in high viscosity material mixing equipment market.it can be designed into SS304,SS316 or carbon steel.and the speed can be controlled by frequency converter or fixed.Blades&Chamber will be fine polished.Discharge Way can be divided into hydraulic tilt,screw extruding,bottom valve.

where can i buy plasticine