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How does plantery mixer work? Did you know?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-10-20 11:54:23

plantery mixer

The plantery mixer is one of main chemical mixer in many chemicals industries.especially for high viscosity material, and it's also suitable for various liquid and liquid, liquid and solid and other shape of raw material,as a professional plantery mixer manufacturer in China, we will produce the suitable plantery mixer with good quality and good service for you!

plantery mixer

JCT plantery mixer is a kind of high viscosity material mixing equipment, which is in the production of chemical products,plantery mixer is determined by a lot of parameters,such as Axle power, impeller discharge, pressure head , blade diameter and stirring speed,any parameters can be designed on your need.

plantery mixer

In additional, JCT plantery mixer has a wide range application,it's suitable for chemical, light industry, food, batteries, pharmaceutical, building materials and other industries, we can design the suitable plantery mixer according to your requirement.

plantery mixer

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