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What is unsaturated polyester resin?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-08-15 10:53:39

Unsaturated polyester resin is a linear polymer with ester bond and unsaturated double bond, which is usually polycondensated from unsaturated dibasic alcohol or unsaturated dibasic alcohol. Usually, the polyesterification polycondensation reaction is carried out at 190 ~ 220 C until the desired acid value (or viscosity) is reached. After the polyesterification polycondensation, a certain amount of vinyl monomer is added to form a viscous liquid when the reaction is over. Such a polymer solution is called unsaturated polyester resin.

unsaturated polyester resin

Do you know what equipment is used to produce unsaturated polyester resin?

The whole set of unsaturated resin equipment is composed of reaction kettle, vertical cooling, fractionation column, elbow, horizontal condenser, waste water receiving tank, dilution kettle, styrene condenser, styrene slot, buffer tank, viewing mirror, oil cooler and so on. JCT can provide the above equipment as well as plant planning, design, installation and commissioning for customers. Process formulation design and so on. Unsaturated resin equipment produced by JCT machinery has a unique aspect in resin yield and waste water treatment. It can greatly reduce costs for customers and make enterprises more competitive.


Unsaturated polyester resin is generally produced by a reaction kettle, but to configure a reaction kettle production line, its structure is mainly composed of kettle body, transmission device, stirring device, heating device, cooling device, sealing device, reactor its complete set of equipment is mainly high tank, fractional column, condenser, water separator, collector, etc. JCT can be configured according to user needs.

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