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Let's take a look at the working principle of the chewing gum stainless steel vacuum kneader.

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-08-16 14:56:24

Everyone has eaten gum or bubble gum, but few know that it needs a stainless steel kneader to make it. As we all know, stainless steel kneader is widely used, such as medicine, cosmetics, dyestuffs and other industries, all need to use kneader. Next, JCT explains the working principle of stainless steel kneading machine.

chewing gum making machine kneader

Kneading machine discharge way has hydraulic turning cylinder dumping, ball valve discharge, screw extrusion and so on. The contact parts of cylinder block and blade and material are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure product quality.

Kneaders can be designed to be heated and unheated according to requirements. Heat transfer methods are usually electric heating, steam heating, circulating hot oil heating, circulating water cooling and so on.

The kneading machine is mainly composed of five parts: mixing kneading part, frame part, hydraulic system, transmission system and electronic control system. Hydraulic system is operated by a hydraulic station to complete the opening and closing function of the large cylinder, hydraulic system by a hydraulic station to control the cylinder, to complete the turn over cylinder, open the lid and other functions, detailed parameters can be arbitrarily selected and requested by the user, easy to operate, reliable. The transmission system is made up of motor, reducer and gear, matching motor according to the model of kneading machine.

The transmission part of kneading machine is the synchronous speed of the motor, which is driven by the output device after the elastic coupling to the reducer, so that it can reach the specified speed, and the speed can also be adjusted by the frequency converter. Kneader has two blades, the speed of the two blades is different, according to different processes can be set different speed, the most common speed is 42/28 revolutions per minute.

Kneader is a kind of semi-dry or rubber-like viscous plastic material which is produced by a pair of blades which cooperate and rotate with each other. It can make the material react quickly and get uniform mixing stirring.

Kneader can also be used to produce batteries and silicone sealants.

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