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What products can the hydraulic lift disperser do?

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-06-13 16:33:03

Hydraulic lifting is believed to be familiar to many people. It is the use of a cylinder to close the upper and lower parts, which is also the key to sealing. The dispersers referred to herein are generally high speed dispersers and powerful dispersers.

    Both hydraulic lifting and lowering are available, but the high-speed dispersing machine is simpler. There is only one high-speed dispersing disc blade and no frequency conversion. Relatively speaking, both are the general name of the mixer. The inverter dispersing machine here refers to the powerful dispersing machine. Here is a brief introduction to some of the descriptions of the powerful dispersing machines of Jinjitai.


Hydraulic lifting and dispersing machine, there are three to four different types of agitators in the kettle. Two to three of them are common high-speed dispersing discs under the bow blade. In addition, one has a "mountain" shape for scraping and scraping at low speed. Stirring, this design not only enables the material to be pressed up in the kettle and rises to participate in the mixing, but also can be strongly sheared and twisted without dead spots, so that the mixing effect is more ideal.

    Hydraulic Disperser Features:

    1, stepless speed regulation, digital display, easy operation, intuitive experimental data collection

    2. The multi-stage force increasing mechanism is applied to the output end, and the torque output of the low speed stirring operation is large and the rotation speed is constant.

    3, low noise, can work for a long time

    4, the configuration of the toothed disc type dispersion head, PTFE grinding head

    5, the work head is easy to replace, easy to clear

    The hydraulic lifting and dispersing machine can move freely, has good sealing performance, can be vacuumed, and has good exhaust and defoaming effect, and has quite powerful functions.

    Hydraulic lifting and dispersing machine is now widely used in adhesives, cosmetics, chemical products, batteries, food, pharmaceuticals and plastics industries, especially for the production of 10,000CP ~ 4,000,000CP paste materials, such as glass glue, silicone structural adhesive , silicone sealant, electronic sealant, etc., equipment is widely used.

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