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What is a multi-function power mixer?

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-06-14 15:08:49

The power mixer is a kind of multi-functional high-low speed mixing machine. I believe many people are unfamiliar with this product. As one of the key products of Jinhaotai Machinery R&D, it is also one of the current high-tech products. It has too much flash. Point, let's come together one by one.


The power mixer combines the agitation and dispersion of a planetary mixer with a powerful disperser. It combines its advantages and features and can be widely applied to the mixing and dissolution of solid and solid phases, solid and liquid phases, liquid and liquid materials. Production processes such as reaction, dispersion, grinding, emulsification, and homogenization. Multi-function mixer

   The power mixer adopts a unique stirring mechanism, and the unloading bucket is fixed; the power mixer dispersing disc and the stirring propeller realize the planetary motion of both revolution and rotation, and the speed is adjustable frequency shifting. The power mixer makes the material complex movement, subjected to strong shearing and kneading, and the material is fully dispersed and mixed without mixing dead spots. Multi-function mixer

   The power mixer designed an automatic scraping mechanism in the kettle to scrape the material adhering to the wall and continue mixing. The power mixer is uniquely sealed and can be pressurized or vacuumed to remove air bubbles.

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