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What machine can be produced pu glue ?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-03-15 16:41:45

PU glue

PU glue commonly known as white plastic, chemical name is polyurethane resin. PU materials are widely used in thermal insulation materials, synthetic leather, aerospace materials, the use of shoe materials, PU glue, can be used for PVC, TPR, rubber, nylon cloth, ABS, PU and other synthetic synthetic leather bonding materials.

Jacket reactor

PU glue has excellent adhesion fastness, heat and weather resistance, colorless and translucent, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, easy to operate, suitable for assembly line production. A water-based PU plastic and oily PU plastic points. The use of the process should pay attention to: 1. On the PU glue bonding quality, users must use the date in the process of first-in-first-out principle. 2. In the process of using, staff should be guarded, because some people with poor skin easily lead to skin allergies.

pu glue production line

The production of the PU glue is mainly steam heating reactor. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, scientific research and other industries. It is the reaction equipment for many chemical processes such as polymerization, condensation, sulfidation, alkylation, hydrogenation and many other intermediate processes. For more details on steam heating reactors, please contact JCT as much as possible.

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