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How much do you know about silicone glass adhesive?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-03-17 10:43:57

silicone glass adhesive

Silicone glass adhesives can be divided into two categories from product packaging: one-component and two-component. The one-component silicone adhesive cures by contacting the moisture in the air to produce changes in physical properties; two-component means that the silicone adhesive is divided into two groups, A and B.Any group that exists alone cannot be cured. The two groups of glues cure once mixed. A single-component silicone glass adhesive is currently on the market.

 strong dipersion mixer (3)

Single-component silicone glass adhesives are divided into two types, acidic gels and neutral gels. Acidic glass glue is mainly used for general bonding between glass and other building materials. Neutral gel overcomes the characteristics of acidic gels that corrode metal materials and react with alkaline materials, and therefore has a wider range of application. Its market price is slightly higher than that of acidic gels.

 silicone glass adhesiveproduction line

A special type of glass adhesive on the market is a silicone structural sealant. Because it is directly used for metal and glass structures or non-structural adhesive assembly of glass curtain walls, the quality requirements and product grade are the highest among glass adhesives. The JCT company is specializing in manufacturing and exporting chemical machine for 19 years. It can supply the machine which can be produced the silicone glass adhesive

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