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What machine can be produced industrial epoxy resin?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-01-18 14:07:19

industrial epoxy resin

The industrial epoxy resin can be use to in many fields,which are electrical appliances, construction, automobiles, aviation and other fields.It is an excellet chemical product in economic and society. What machine can produce the Industrial epoxy resin? The jacket reactor is an ideal equipment to produce industrial epoxy resin.

jacket reactor (4)

The jacket reactor can be found in the JCT company ,which have been manufacturing and exporting chemcial machine for 19 years. The jacket reactor is the main equipment that produce the industrial epoxy resin. When you use the jacket reactor to produce the industrial epoxy resin , we can supply three heating methods of jacket reactor which are eletric heating, steam heating, heated in water.you choose that fit your project.

jacket reactor

On the other hand, in the stirring form of jacket reactor, we can supply sevearl stirring forms which are anchor paddle, block, ribbon, turbine type. You can select the stirring form that fit your industrial epoxy resin project. What’s more,we can supply the volume of reactor from 50L to 30000L. If you are interested in producing the industrial epoxy resin, please contact us as much as possible.

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