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The Sudan clients ordered the stick hot melt glue production line

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-01-17 15:00:28

Sudan client

On the January 16th, we got to the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to pick up the clients who are from Sudan. They wanted to order the stick hot melt glue production line. Before coming to China, we have conducted preliminary talks through Alibaba.com.They wanted to taked this time to visit our company and negotiated with us about the stick hot melt glue production line.

stick hot melt glue

When our car came back to company, they said that they want to visit our factory at frist. As we have told to them, our factory have the jacket reactor in stock that can be used to produce the stick hot melt glue. With leading of the sales manager Lucy, we came in the factory that we visited the jacket reactor. Our engineer introduced some information to about their project. They were satisfied with our machine and engineer.

jacket reactor (3)

After finished visiting the jacket reactor, we both came in the office that carry out further talks about their stick hot production line project. With the help of our engineer, our negotiation is very smoothly. Due to their factory have not finished, so they plan to come to China again that negotiate with us again. If you are interested in the stick hot melt production line, you contact us as much as possible.

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