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What is the heating and vacuum performance of the twin-shaft mixer?

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-08-19 17:34:13

Speaking of the dual-axis mixer horizontal device, I believe that people have known its background many years ago, using its own efficient and mandatory advantages, has received a lot of attention and trust. The machine is a high-precision mixing equipment. It has wide adaptability to the mixture. It can mix evenly the materials with large difference in specific gravity, ratio and particle size. It can mix well with materials with ratio difference of 1:1000~10000 or even higher. . After the crushing device is added to the machine, the particulate material can partially break.

 Then let's discuss the performance of the lower twin-shaft mixer for heating and cooling, vacuum pressurization:


     1) Heating and cooling: The jacket can be added outside the gravity-free mixing cylinder, and the cooling or heating of the material can be realized by injecting the cold heat medium into the jacket; the cooling is generally pumped into industrial water, and the heating can be steamed or heated. Heat the heat transfer oil.

     2) Negative pressure/vacuum feeding: In the specific process, the ribbon mixing machine cylinder can be made into a negative pressure chamber, and the dry material with good fluidity can be sucked into the mixing chamber for mixing, which can avoid the material feeding link. Residues and pollution.

      The above description is only one aspect. After the design and development, the twin-shaft mixer has been well received by most users because of its own uniqueness, production effect and quality, and has been recognized by users. The supporting equipment is quite complete, especially for the problem of granules and disparity in weight. It is even more pleasant.

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