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Jin Chang Tai Talk about the use characteristics and structure of the powerful disperser

Author: source: Datetime: 2021-05-06 10:03:59

The powerful dispersing machine is used as a multi-functional mixing machine commonly used in chemical equipment, especially for the production of product base materials. The special time saving and material saving is more important, because the example glass glue is produced: the kneading machine is used to produce the base material. When heating the system with three-roll grinding, this not only increases the electricity bill but also increases the production time cost. Therefore, not only in the silicone glass adhesive industry, but also in other industries, the status of powerful dispersing machines is becoming more and more important, and the use is becoming more and more widespread, which has been recognized by many users.


First, the use of powerful dispersing machine features:

     There are three different types of agitators in the powerful dispersing machine. One of the agitators rotates around the axis of the kettle body. The other two agitating devices rotate at high speed around their own axes at different speeds to make the material move in the kettle. Subject to intense shearing and splicing.

     The mountain-shaped scraping knife in the powerful dispersing machine rotates around the axis of the kettle body, scraping the raw materials sticking to the wall and the bottom to participate in mixing, so that the effect is more ideal. The device has good sealing performance, can be vacuumed, and has good exhaust and defoaming effect. The powerful dispersing machine cylinder head can be hydraulically lifted and lowered, the cylinder body can be moved freely, and the operation is very convenient. The form of the powerful disperser agitator can be multi-layer paddle type, frame type, butterfly type, impeller type, etc. according to material requirements.

     Scope of application: It is used in the process of homogenization agitation, polymerization, vulcanization, sulfonation dispersion, dissolution, quenching and tempering of multi-component solid-liquid phase and liquid-liquid phase materials required for the dispersing machine chemical industry. It is especially suitable for the production of 10,000CP ~ 4,000,000CP paste materials, such as glass glue, silicone structural adhesive, silicone sealant, electronic sealant and so on.

Second, the technical parameters of the powerful disperser:


Third, the structure of the powerful disperser:

   1. It is a high-efficiency, multi-functional, mandatory mixer, usually adopting the mode of lifting the frame, the cylinder head and the stirring blade, and moving the cylinder.

   2. It consists of three motors. The middle motor drives the “mountain” type scraping and scraping mechanism through the reducer. The two high-speed motors are directly connected to the high-speed dispersing disc. The high-speed motor is usually equipped with frequency converter speed regulation to meet each Process requirements for a variety of products.

   3. Usually use thick steel plate and special sealing structure to adapt to vacuum and pressure.

   4. A plurality of movable cylinders can generally be configured, which are typically designed as a jacketed structure for heating or cooling.

   5. Usually equipped with YLJ series hydraulic extruder to achieve the extrusion of paste materials.

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