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What is the attention of the operation power mixer?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-06-08 11:46:13

The power mixer is an efficient, multi-functional, forced mixer, which usually uses a rack, cylinder head, and stirring blades to move up and down, while the material cylinder moves.But what is the attention of the operation power mixer?

power mixer

1. Before the kettle lid rises, the vent valve must first be opened so that the body is under normal pressure in order to press the lid up button on the kettle.

2. When the kettle cover is lowered, do not put your hand or appliance into the kettle body, otherwise there will be a safety accident.

3. Every time you turn on the machine, you must check the vacuum pump oil quantity. The oil quantity should be within the scope of the oil standard. If the oil quantity is too low, you should add the same brand of lubricant in time.

4. Before vacuum, it is necessary to make sure that the material in the kettle is completely moist, so as to avoid the powder being drawn out in the kettle and affect the service life of the vacuum pump.

5. Special attention: Every effort should be made to avoid the rotating parts (dispersing, stirring and scraping) of the work to leave the mixing kettle to prevent accidents.

power mixer

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