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Shock! Epoxy resin technical formula and production equipment

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-06-09 14:49:40

Epoxy adhesives generally refer to adhesives made primarily of epoxy resins. Epoxy adhesives generally also include epoxy curing agents, otherwise the glue will not cure.

Epoxy resin reactor

Epoxy resins have excellent physical and electrical insulating properties, adhesive properties with various materials, and the flexibility of their use is not available in other thermosetting plastics. Therefore, it can be made into paints, composites, casting materials, adhesives, molded material and injection molding materials.

Chemical plant in the production process of epoxy resin, the formula of the raw materials are mainly 128 epoxy resin, low molecular polyamide resin (curing agent), reactive silica powder, gas-phase white carbon black, quartz sand 150 mesh, thinner, etc.

And the reactor is a typical main reaction device in the production of epoxy resin. It disperses and mixes various materials by stirring, heating, and cooling, thereby performing reaction polymerization.

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