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What is hot melt adhesive application?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-07-28 11:40:01

hot melt adhesive

The hot melt adhesive is a plasticity adhesive, it changes with certain physical state,but chemical properties not,it\'s non-toxic and tasteless,is a kind of environmentally friendly chemical products.and what is hot melt adhesive application?

hot melt adhesive application

Fabric with hot melt adhesive.it\'s mainly used in shoes, hats production.the quality of clothes not only has crisp,Plump appearance quality,and natural flat washed,without ironing characteristics.


Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive,it\'s mainly used in sanitary napkins, diapers for children, the sick mattress disgrace, elderly incontinence supplies.especially the latter.

hot melt adhesive application

Multi-purpose solvent-based hot melt adhesive,it\'s used in furniture,packaging,bookbinding,leather styling,plywood and other.

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