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What is horizontal paddle mixer in JCT?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-08-25 14:50:28

mixer horizontal

JCT horizontal paddle mixer is a high efficient and new type powder mixer in chemicals powder production process, it has a wide range,it\'s used in dry mortar, putty powder, chemicals, putty paste, lacquer, ceramics

JCT horizontal paddle mixer includes of U-shape containers, ribbon mixing blaze and transmission components,ribbon points continuous and other parts.Discharge way can be divided into manual, electric, pneumatic.Spindle sealing method: packing seal mechanical seal and airtight packing.

horizontal paddle mixer

JCT horizontal paddle mixer has several blender form, such as bidirectional continuous ribbon,Drive has direct-coupled and split (belt / chain) type.as for horizontal paddle mixer,JCT Machinery provide stainless steel, carbon steel and other material, which can be designed according to client\'s need.

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