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To celebrate National Day , our company launched one-stop service of Paint(solvent base, water base)production line .

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2020-03-14 10:46:53

China win Women\'s Volleyball Wold Cup title with perfect 10 straight victories . On this day of national celebration , the Chinese women\'s volleyball team presented the most beautiful gift to the motherland . I’m proud of them .

To celebrate National Day , our company launched one-stop service . Next , I will introduce our Paint(solvent base, water base)production line .

Paint(solvent base, water base)production line1.png

1,Production process :

The equipment can independently complete the dispersing and grinding, refining, cooling, filtering, vacuum suction, semi automatic filling the whole process, greatly reduce the labor intensity, the production time is the traditional equipment consuming 20% shortening the processing time, and easy cleaning. The utility model can be operated in a vacuum state, with no bubble production, no dust flying, and the quality of products is greatly improved.

2, Integrated production line equipment configuration(equipment size , quantity according to the quantity of production )

The specific configuration is based on the actual needs .

If you need detailed equipment configuration, you can contact us:

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2)We can design it according to customer’s requirements;

3)According to customer demand, we can provide production equipment, production technology, raw materials and equipment installation, debugging and so on.


1) Pulp part:

The solvent through the liquid metering device is added to the liquid material groove, by vacuum suction to emulsifying kettle, start low speed anchor mixer, the powder material is sucked into the vacuum emulsifying tank for continuous stirred 10 minutes, then turn on the two sets of vertical high shear emulsifying 10 minutes, finally use horizontal emulsion machine, continuous cycle 30 minutes, finished slurry. A high shear inside the tank and an emulsion pump outside the tank are also used,

Ensure further refinement of materials, and greatly shorten the operation time.

2) paint part:

By vacuum, resin, film-forming agent from the liquid tank into the low-speed stirred tank, slurry through the bag filter is sucked into the low-speed mixer, the emulsion or solvent, additives, slurry mixing, then adding additives (thickener), blending paint.

3) filter packing:

After a good tune paint, vacuum defoaming after 5 minutes, stirring was stopped by a bag filter coating to semi-automatic filling machine for packaging. When the coating material using a two bag filters, can be switched with each use, does not affect the filling speed.

Contact information:

If you need to know the detailed equipment configuration, production technology, production process, please contact us.

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