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Proud to say ,Hot Melt Adhesive Complete Product line is our hot selling product line

Author: source: Datetime: 2021-05-29 10:08:23

HONG KONG (Reuters) - The anti-government protests that have roiled Hong Kong for four months have also split the city’s influential entertainment community, with stars who weigh in doing so at the risk of alienating fans on either side of the often-bitter divide.

While many performers have been careful not to be seen taking sides, others whose political stances were already known have been more willing to be heard.As a public figure ,a clear political stance is important ;as a ordinary being , a clear career planning is also important . Meanwhile , as a International Business Machines , an accurate product positioning is also important.Above all , JCT offers some selections of product lines . I will highlight one of product lines today . That is Hot Melt Adhesive Complete Product line .

Hot Melt Adhesive Complete Product line2.png Hot Melt Adhesive Complete Product line3.png

JCT- hot melt adhesive production line is suitable for the production of various kinds of viscosity, various shapes of hot melt adhesive (lump, strip, granular), good mixing effect, quality stability, specifications and shapes can be according to requirements.

1) It can be produced continuously for 24 hours, with large output and high efficiency.

2) The production equipment adopts the special mixing structure, greatly improves the mixing effect, can make the material mix evenly quickly, fully plasticizes, guaranteesthe product quality, can produce each kind of request, the high quality hot melt


3) The cooling water machine can be arranged according to the production requirements, so that the cooling water temperature can be maintained at 5-10 ℃, so that thecooling effect can be improved and the production efficiency can be improved. According to the shape of the product, the production line can be divided into three categories (the size of the equipment, the quantity according to the quantity ofproduction).

A) bulk hot melt adhesive production line

B) granular hot melt adhesive production line

C) strip hot melt adhesive production line

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2)We can design it according to customer’s requirements;

3)According to customer demand, we can provide production equipment, production technology, raw materials and equipment installation, debugging and so on.

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