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The water storage tanks

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2016-04-20 09:35:15

storage tank

1.The storage tanks is a water tanks for storing chemicals alkali, alcohol, gas, liquid and other chemical materials.According to different materials, there generally have polyethylene tanks, polypropylene tanks, fiberglass tanks, ceramics tanks, rubber tanks, stainless steel storage tanks.

2.At present, on the cost of the tank, it is the most superior to the steel liner polyethylene tank,which has excellent corrosion resistance

, high strength and long life, appearance can be manufactured into horizontal type, transportation type, stirring type, and other varieties.

3.The classification of storage tanks is stated as follows:
Due to different storage media, the form of tank is various.
a)In terms of location: the storage tanks can be divided into the ground tanks, underground tanks, semi-underground storage tanks, marine tanks, undersea storage tanks.

b)From oil classification: it can be divided into crude oil storage tanks, fuel tanks, lubricating oil tank, oil tank,fire tank and so on.

c)By Application: it can be divided into the production of tanks,storage tanks etc.

d)In the form classification: it can be divided into vertical tank, horizontal tank and so on.

e)According to the structure: it can be divided into fixed roof tanks, floating roof tanks, spherical storage tanks.prefer to large storage tanks, and apply as multi-dimensional vertical tank; 50000L or less for small tanks, mostly horizontal tank.

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