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How to choose the reactors?

Author: source: Datetime: 2016-04-20 09:34:12

the reactors

How to choose the chemical reactor? it's always a confusing problem,we will give some helpful suggestions for you as follows:

1.First of all, the volume of reactor you need to consider,then reaction pressure,If you want the  atmospheric conditions,enamel reactor is better.For high-pressure reaction conditions, you need to purchase stainless steel or titanium reactor.

2.The second you should consider is the temperature of reaction which eventually reach and viscosity and pH of reactive substances There is a direct relationship between the viscosity of the reaction materials and reactor with a stirrer,

3.Thirdly If the reaction is high viscous substance, the agitator of desired reaction kettle   is bigger, otherwise is smaller.PH of the reaction mass has a direct relationship with the reactor material,so the different degrees of acid depends on different materials. 

4.Finally, we also consider the reactor heating way. When selecting heating way, it is depending on the reaction temperature requirements , because the different heating methods can attain the different maximum temperature.