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The war between Iran and Saudi Arabia and Reactor

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-03-14 10:50:48

Why would Iran raise the stakes by attacking Saudi Arabia?

Because Iran's leaders hope that the risk of the region sliding into war will bring world powers to the realisation that the sanctions are a recipe for disaster. I have to say that man is fragile in the face of war .

Fortunately , we live in peacetime . We have sensible leader , promising company and productive machine . If you still have a dream ,please come with us .


As a main chemical reaction of the typical production equipment ,reactor is widely used in resins ,adhesives , paint , pharmaceutical and other chemical production .

1,Unsaturated resin , alkyd resin , curing agent and complete sets of production equipment ;

2,Emulsion , white latex , water-based polyurethane , water-based glue sets of production equipment ;

3,107rubber , silicone oil , and other sets of production equipment , hot melt adhesive ;

4,complete sets of production equipment ;

5,PU glue , adhesive , grafted gum syrup glue sets of production equipment ;

6,complete sets of raw rubber production equipment ;

7, Waste silicone cracking distillation ,recycling sets of production equipment ;

8,Dispersion paints , coatings ,stirring and mixing equipment .

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