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Arab parties endorse Gantz , manufacturer endors Reactor

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-03-14 10:50:30

Arab parties endorse Gantz, breaking tradition to oust Netanyahu

Leader of the coalition of Arab parties says they do not endorse Gantz's policies, but hope to end Netanyahu's rule.A leader have a clear attitude is very important ,meanwhile , reactor should also have a clear positioning .


As a main chemical reaction of the typical production equipment ,reactor is widely used in resins ,adhesives , paint , pharmaceutical and other chemical production .

1,Unsaturated resin , alkyd resin , curing agent and complete sets of production equipment ;

2,Emulsion , white latex , water-based polyurethane , water-based glue sets of production equipment ;

3,107rubber , silicone oil , and other sets of production equipment , hot melt adhesive ;

4,complete sets of production equipment ;

5,PU glue , adhesive , grafted gum syrup glue sets of production equipment ;

6,complete sets of raw rubber production equipment ;

7, Waste silicone cracking distillation ,recycling sets of production equipment ;

8,Dispersion paints , coatings ,stirring and mixing equipment .

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