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The polyurethane resin|can be maded by jacketed reactor from JCT

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-11-09 10:31:24

polyurethane resin

The jacket reactor is the main chemical reaction of the typical producytion equipment,which is widely used in resins,paint,adhesives and other chemical production.It is an excellent equipment to make polyurethane resin.It is mainly breaking down or combined the materials through mixing,filling and cooling,to promote the reaction of polymerization.

jacket reactor (3)

In the production of polyethylene resin, the reactor can achieve a variety of ways.The reactor can use a variety of heating methods which are electric heating,steam heating and heated in water. As the same time,it can also use all kinds of stirring methods,Such as anchor paddle,block,ribbon,turbine type,a dispering disc,etc.In heating and mixing methods, the production of polyethylene resin can have a wide range of options.So jacketed reactor is a good device.

jacket reactor (1)

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