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Author: source: Datetime: 2017-11-14 14:46:15

epoxy resin

Our company is specializing producing and exporting the chemical machine for 11 years.Our machine have exported many countries such as Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Netherlands and Belarus etc.They are all satistied with our machine.  And we produce the jacket reactor which can be used to produce industrial epoxy resin .

        jacket reactor (2)

The jacket reacror is a good equipmnet for pruducing industrial epoxy resin.It is breaking down or combined the materials through mixing,filling,and cooling,to promote the reaction of polymerrization.As the same time,In the production of epoxy resin, it can achieve a variety of heating methods and mixing methods.Such as,in heating mode,it can do eletric heating,steam heating,heat in water.And in the stirring form,it can do anchor paddle,block,ribbon,turbine type etc.So it is an xcellent equipment to produce industrial epoxy resin.

       jacket reactor (1)

If you are interested in pruducing industrial epoxy resin,please contact us as much as possible.we will help you deal with your project.As the same time, you can visit our website http://www.mixmachinery.com/,which you can look our Detailed information.Welcome to you visit our company.

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