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The Vietnam client order the jacket reactor for the liquid polyester resin

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-12-22 16:30:31

Vietnam client

On the December 22th, we get to the Guangzhou South Railway Station which pick up client from Vietnam. They want to order jacket reactor to produce the liquid polyeter resin so that come to negotiate with us.They learn from Alibaba.com that our company is specialized in manufacturing and exporting chemical machine. Before coming to our company, We have conducted preliminary talks about their project by Alibaba.

liquid polyester resin

After we come back to our company from the Guangzhou South Railway Station, they said that they are interested in visiting the jacket reactor. Our factory is close to our office that they are very convenient to visit the machine. And we take them to visit our company factory. With the introduction of technical engineer, they visit our factory very carefully. As the same time,our technical engineer also introduce some information about the liquid polyester resin.they are very satistied in our service.

jacket reactor (2)

During the visit of the factory, they said that the liquid polyester resin have a potential market in Vietnam. So they want to take this time to start with this project. After completing the visit to the jacket reactor, we both start further negotiation about their project. As They have made a preliminary plan for the project, our negotiation is very smoothly. With the help of technical team, we both come to preliminary agreement.

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