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Technology has enriced people's lives ,our production line enriched our customer's choices .

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-03-14 10:45:25

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Researchers have discovered an additional 20 moons orbiting the ringed planet, giving it a total of 82 satellites, three more than second-place Jupiter.

 Graft adhesive product line1.png      Graft adhesive product line2.png

People have more and more choices in daily life .Due to people’s choice of more and more people right products to business models are increasingly critical .So ,we offer you many production lines to choose from . On this basis of guaranteeing the quality ,we will offer the most competitive price for mutual benefits . Let me introduce Graft adhesive production line .

1、Production line characteristic

1 )JCT machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in design, production, installation and commissioning. It has more than 20 years of design and production experience, advanced design, well made,the products are sold to all over the world.。

2)The grafted adhesive production line designed by JCT is communicated with a number of experienced grafted glue technology engineers. After design, the production line has

high production efficiency and low production cost. It can realize semi-automatic or automatic control according to different customer

2. Production line equipment configuration:

Reaction kettle, condenser, dispersing kettle, filter, filling machine, steam furnace, water cooling system, material pump, etc.

 Graft adhesive product line3.png               Graft adhesive product line6.png

3. Production process:

1).All kinds of raw materials are prepared according to the technical formula.

2)Add butanone, xylene and other solvents to the reaction kettle to stir and stir.

3)Add chloroprene rubber, continue heating heating, high speed;

4)After the rubber is dissolved, the other raw materials are added to heat up and react.

5)When the viscosity is detected and the requirements are reached, other raw materials are added.

6)Cool down the cooling water to the specified temperature.

7)Pump the finished product into the high speed dispersion kettle.

8)Other raw materials such as resin are added to adjust the viscosity and solid content.

9)After sampling and testing, the cooling is cooled and 

4. Production line specifications:

1)500L-1500L Grafted adhesive production line;

2)2000L-3000L Grafted adhesive production line;

3)4000L-6000L Grafted adhesive production line;

4)8000L-12000L Grafted adhesive production line;

5)It can be designed according to the actual needs.

5. Explain:

1)we can design the production line according to the actual situation of the customer and the actual


2)If customers need, we can provide design, planning, equipment manufacturing, installation and

commissioning, production technology guidance, production personnel training and a whole set of services

according to the actual needs of customers.

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