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Low cost Acrylic emulsion Product line .

Author: source: Datetime: 2020-03-14 10:53:20

If you invested $1,000 in Google 10 years ago, here’s how much you’d have now ? That is a hot topic . The right investment can pay off handsomely .If you are looking for top supplier ,please contact me . Next , I will introduce one of our production lines , Acrylic emulsion production line .

Acrylic emulsion product line ..png

1. Production line characteristic

1) JCT Machinery Co., Ltd. is a design, manufacture, installation, debugging in one professional chemical machinery and equipment manufacturer, with experience in design and manufacture more than 20 years. Due to the characteristic of advanced design, well made, its products sold all over the world.

2) The Acrylic emulsion production line that made by JCT company, is designed after discuss and research with many seasoned Acrylic emulsion technical engineers. Its high efficiency in production, lower to cost, can meet semi-automatic and full-automatic control according to different customers.

3. Production line equipment configuration:

1)Base material tank,

2)Monomer emulsion groove,

 3)Polymerized reactor,


5)Mixing kettle,


7) filling machine,

 8)steam boiler,

9)water cooling system,

10)Soft water treatment system,

11)material pump, etc.

4.Production line specifications:

1)100L~30000L polyacrylic emulsion production line;

2)According to the specific requirements of the buyer design, production;

5.Production technology:

1) JCT has designed and manufactured Acrylic emulsion equipment for more than 20 years. It has provided many production facilities for many Acrylic emulsion factories, and has met many Acrylic emulsion technology engineers, and has strong technical team.

2) if the customer needs, we can provide technical support.

Specifically included:

1) according to the customer needs to produce products, provide reasonable ,equipment selection, equipment matching;

2)According to the requirements of the customer to provide the latest production formula, mature production process;

3)Provide the cost accounting of raw materials;

4)supply of raw material suppliers;

5)Answer the problems in the process of production in a timely manner.

 Contact information:

If you need to know the detailed equipment configuration, production technology, production process, please contact us.

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