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With this, the family is no longer afraid of wet

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2017-05-20 11:33:23

I believe you must be particularly annoying rainy weather,not only travel is not convenient,even the home of the home is also very easy to damp,if the bathroom damp, the ground will be relatively slippery, will cause a certain risk。And the water is pervasive, for the toilet and the kitchen of these places often contact with water as long as there is a place where the water leakage, will be formed in the floor of the string of water leakage affect the neighborhood relationship, serious may cause significant property claims and occur Legal disputes, and secondly if the re-make waterproof, the cost is higher than before the decoration, your life has brought great inconvenience.Do not rush to fear, look down.

Silicone sealant

Speaking of glue you should know, do manual, do models have to use, very powerful sticky. And a kind of glue both strong adhesion and anti-leakage leak, for a wide range. This is the silicone sealant, also known as glass glue. Suitable for sealing, plugging leak-proof and weather-proof use, both indoor and outdoor (indoor better), anti-seepage leak effect is more significant. But after the decoration because the glass glue is not good or improper use of the loss caused by a few families, here also remind you to use glass glue to pay attention to the following: family of ordinary glass glue is neutral and acidic two, neutral sticky Not strong but corrosive weak, acidic on the contrary, generally with a neutral. The use of glass glue is also very important: do you want to mold. Such as a lot of glass glue used in the bathroom, the bathroom was very humid, easy to mold, so the glass must be mildew. General glass gel on the bottle will be explained, must look. Due to the wide range of glass adhesives, the production machines require more reliable manufacturers.

kneading  machine

Also popularize the glass glue manufacturing process and the need for the machine.Kneader is the main machine for production.kneading machine is an ideal equipment, design for mixing,kneading,crushing,dispersing high viscosity plastic materials,and has good performance in uniform mixing ,no dedd ends and high efficiency kneading.it has six major components.kneading part,base part,the transmission system,vacuum system,hydraulic system,electric control system,etc.place of all the contact material is made of stainless steel. Always welcome your advice,bye~


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