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Regular inspection method for stainless steel reactor

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-08-31 14:51:14

Stainless steel reactor is widely used in chemical, petroleum, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, food processing and other fields because of its excellent corrosion resistance and high cost performance.

However, in order to prolong the service life of stainless steel reaction kettle as far as possible, and give full play to the production benefits of stainless steel reaction kettle, in addition to selecting excellent manufacturers of stainless steel reaction kettle equipment, stainless steel reaction kettle should be periodically inspected in the course of use. The following is to introduce how to inspect the stainless steel reactor equipment on a regular basis, hoping to help you in the future equipment maintenance.


The thickness of stainless steel coating on stainless steel reaction kettle (stainless steel surfaces and nozzles frequently scoured by feeding and discharging materials) was measured by porcelain thickness gauge. The thickness of stainless steel layer is inspected regularly, and the position of each inspection is unchanged. If the coating is found to be thinner by instrumental inspection, attention should be paid to prevent further loss after porcelain explosion. If the stainless steel coating is damaged, the necessary repairs should be made.

stainless steel reactor

The inspectors visually inspect the stainless steel layer (to see if solid particulate matter is involved in the reactions causing erosion and impact on the vessel wall). The stainless steel in the inner cylinder of the stainless steel reactor needs to be thoroughly cleaned during the shutdown inspection, and the inspectors are required to enter the inner cylinder of the equipment to check the stainless steel coating and the various parts of the stainless steel stirrer for chemical or mechanical damage to see if there is any explosion under the condition of safety and without any hard objects. The occurrence of porcelain phenomenon. Secondly, strict control over the inspection period of stainless steel reactor is needed. It is advisable to shorten the inspection period to one to two years.

stainless steel reactor

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