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Reactor for Leveling agent equipment in JCT machinery supplier

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-05-05 14:17:22

Leveling agent equipment

A week ago,The Chongqing clients come to our company who want to negotiate with the leveling agent equipment. Do you know the Leveling agent ?


Leveling agent, a commonly used coating additive, can promote the coating in the process of drying film formation, smooth, uniform coating .Usually speaking,The properties of the coating itself such as construction viscosity or drying time have a significant effect on the final leveling of the coating. Construction viscosity is too high and drying time is short usually produces a poor horizontal surface. Therefore, it is necessary to help the coating obtain good leveling by adding a leveling agent, making some changes to the coating during construction and film formation, and adjusting the properties of the coating.


After understanding the customer's needs, we recommended the leveling agent production equipment - reactor, which is a very wide range of equipment used in the chemical industry. The reactor can not only produce leveling agents, but also can produce paint coatings.

Welcome to consult with us for more details of reactor for paint , leveling agent and coatings.

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