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Come here ! Space Sand Kneader Machine for sale

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-05-08 12:09:57

Space Sand consists of 98% sea sand and 2% food-grade reactive crosslinkers. This magical combination makes the space sand have solid and fluid characteristics. It not only has the texture and fluidity of ordinary sand, but also has plasticine-like plasticity, cutability and engravability.

 Space Sand Equipment

Space Sand is a children's toy known as environmentally friendly and highly plastic. It is popular among children in playgrounds and toy stores.In addition, space sand is also widely used in adult hobbies, indoor sand sculpture, commercial display, psychological sand table teaching, commercial sand table, military sand table and so on.

 kneader machine

Therefore, where can we find making machine for Space Sand ?

JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional kneader machine manufacturer in China, we can provide the suitable kneader machine design on your requirement. Beside, we have a strong technique team to support your kneader machine for Space Sand issues if you encounter.

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