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Kneader mixer is ordered by the client from Belarus

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-11-03 15:12:24

kneader mixer

On the moring of November 2th,we get to the airport to pick up the clients who are from Belarus.They have already ordered the kneader mixer intention before came our company.So they come to our company that we both Expand cooperation to discuss.

kneader mixer (5)       

   After they reach to our company, we both enter a preliminary discussion.Then,we talk to them that our company have owns factory.SO they want to visit the company factory, before further negotiations,.With the visit of our factory,they are satisfied with our kneader mixer.They give a high recommendation to our kneder mixer.
     kneader mixer (2)

    After completing the visit to our company,we both conducted the further negotiations of kneader mixer.The negotiation of kneader mixer was very smooth.As they are interested in our company pdoduct,we both come up to a agreement and we both sign a order contact about the kneader mixer.if you are interested in our kneader mixer,please contact us as soon possible.
kneader mixer (3)
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