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High speed disperser is order by Vietnam clients to prduce neutral silicone sealant

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-11-06 16:01:18

Vietnam clients

On the moring of November 6th,The Vietnam clients come to our company which they plan to order the High speed disperser.they want to use the high speed disperser to produce the neutral silicone sealant.Because they said that the neutral silicone sealant have a big market in the Vietnam.So they want to order the high speed disperser to produce the the neutral silicone sealant.

neutral silicone sealant
      Before come to our company,they learn about our company through the Alibaba.com.They know about that our company is specializing producing and exporting the chemical machine for 11 years,which our products and service are superior.As the same time,they are interested in the prodcut of the quality and price.So they come to our company to do the business  negotiation with us about the high speed disperser.
High speed disperser

       After come to our company, they said that they want to visit our factory,So we take them to visit our factory.During visiting the factory,they are satistied with product.they are willing to order the high speed disperser.Due to their factory have not finished,so they plan to order the high speed disperser next month.We both agree to keep in touch with each other,they will visit our company again.If you are interested in our chemical machine,please contact us as much as possible.As the same time ,you can visit our website http://www.mixmachinery.com.

High speed disperser

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