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JCT talk: the use of acrylate AB glue in the industry

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-05-08 15:49:53

Acrylate AB glue, which is commonly known as AB glue, there are also acrylic AB glue, epoxy AB glue, polyurethane AB glue and other types. AB glue is widely used for the bonding of furniture, electronics, handicrafts, toys, bags, stone and various chemical pipes. Today, Jin Qitai will introduce it to you.

AB glue: is the name of two-component adhesive. One liquid is the glue, one liquid is a hardener, and the two liquid phases are mixed to harden. AB gums having components such as acrylic acid, epoxy, and polyurethane are commercially available. Generally used is an acrylic modified epoxy or epoxy.

The A component is an epoxy resin, or contains a catalyst and other auxiliaries, the B component is a hardener, or contains a catalyst and other auxiliaries. Mix in a certain proportion. The catalyst can control the curing time, and other additives can control properties (such as viscosity, rigidity, flexibility, adhesion, etc.).

The main component of AB glue will react to produce polymer, and there is a small molecule in the instant glue called cyanoacrylate (C8H11NO2). When it comes into contact with the moisture in the air, it will be tightly combined into a polymer-like Long chain structure, tightly bonding the two faces.

Acrylate AB glue can be applied to the industry:

1. Repair of water tanks, fuel tanks, oil passages, carburetor, cylinder heads, exhaust pipes, drive shaft bushings for automobiles and motorcycles, and bonding of plastic parts such as baffles, lamp glass, and handlebars.

2. Decoration industry

The bonding of iron-wood plastics and aluminum window frames, door frames and stair protection boards on the building, the production of advertising signs, the fixing of house numbers, the bonding of marble and wood.

3. Stone processing industry

Various marble and marble splicing, positioning speed is much faster than marble glue.

4. Elevator industry

The stainless steel sheet of the elevator is bonded to the ribs.

5. Furniture manufacturing

Bonding of plastic and metal decorative strips to panels, fixing of wood, fixing of marble and wood.

6. Crafts, toys, all kinds of jewelry manufacturing

Manufacture of ceramic handicrafts, glass products, shell crafts, hairpins, etc.

7. Luggage, footwear industry

The metal or hard plastic reinforcing strips or decorative strips of the trunk are fixed, and the hard PVC plastic of the boot is bonded to the PO plastic.

8. Electronics manufacturing

Positioning, encapsulation, and fixing of parts in the instrument and instrument.

9. Motor manufacturing industry

Bonding of magnetic steel on electric motors and magnets.

10. Manufacturing of sports equipment

The installation of skateboards and fitness equipment is fixed.

11. Machinery manufacturing industry

Repair and fixing of various mechanical parts and installation of wear-resistant alloys.

12. Lighting manufacturing industry

Installation and fixing of various lighting parts.

13. Plugging and repairing of chemical pipelines and liquefied gas pipelines.

14. Repair of various damaged items in the family.

The use of AB glue is here. Do you know the equipment for producing AB glue?

Production of AB glue, generally used in the industry,

Reaction kettle introduction:

1) Chemical reaction equipment.

2) Widely used in chemical production of resins, adhesives, coatings, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

3) Mechanical seal.

4) Frequency converter for frequency conversion.

5) Jacket type, outer coil type, inner and outer tube type.

6) Heat with oil, water, steam or electricity.

7) Three-layer paddle type, made of stainless steel.

8) It consists of a body, a gear, a mixing device, a heating device, a cooling device, and a seal.

9) A distillation column, a condenser, a water separator, a storage tank, a filter, and the like are provided.

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