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Do you know the equipment that produces dog food/pig feed? Go to JCT to see

Author: source: Datetime: 2019-05-07 14:45:20

The horizontal ribbon mixer is one of the key products developed by Jinhaotai Machinery. It is also one of the current production and technically rich products. The quality and reputation of the horizontal mixer produced by Jinhaotai is guaranteed, and it is your reliable production. factory!

The horizontal mixer consists of a container, a spiral mixing blade and a transmission component: the spiral blade is generally made of two or three layers, the outer spiral is used to collect the material from both sides to the center, and the inner layer spiral conveys the material from the central side. Form a convection mix.

The horizontal ribbon mixer has a large loading factor and a small footprint.

Horizontal mixers are generally used for the mixing of viscous or cohesive powders and granules, as well as the mixing of liquid and paste materials in the granules. At the same time, due to the difficulty of cleaning viscous materials, it is suitable for large output and infrequent replacement. Mix the occasions of the variety.

Ribbon blenders are mainly used for the mixing of powdered and granulated materials in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, plastics, pigments, cosmetics and feed additives industries.

Dog food, cat food, fish food or pig feed, which we usually find, are produced by a horizontal ribbon mixer.

Horizontal mixers are generally non-standard equipment. The specific technical specifications and parameters should be determined according to user requirements and material specific gravity characteristics.

Discharge form: generally pneumatic (manual) flap valve, the arc valve is tightly embedded in the cylinder, flush with the inner wall of the cylinder, no material accumulation and mixed dead angle phenomenon, reliable edge strip seal to ensure leakage in frequent beginnings phenomenon.


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