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JCT neutral and acid silicone sealant production line with factory price

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-08-22 10:32:05

Silicone sealant is a commonly used building materials, its use is very wide, then you know the production of silicone sealant equipment?

Product Description

A.  Basic material production system:

Put the 103 glue and other material into the Kneading machine, operating with Heat transfer oil heating system and Vacuum system, mixing about four to five hours.

B.  Milling system:

After the Basic material production system, use a Pump to transfer the material into the Three-roll milling machine, and get the semi-finished sealant.

silicone sealant production line

C.  Silicone sealant making system:

Add other raw materials, colors and mix with the semi-finished sealant in the Dispersing Machine, and then stir more than one hour to get the finished silicone sealant.

2. Application:

A. Neutral Silicone Sealant:

Used for filling and sealing in Metal, glass, mirror, glass window, aluminium products, PMMA, silicone resin, vulcanizing silicone rubber, ceramics, natural and synthetic fiber, concrete, cement, marble, steel, etc.

B. Acid Silicone Sealant: 

Used for filling and sealing in all kinds of interior decoration of car, nameplate, plastic material,  pipe joints, glass, glass window, etc.

Made in China

Superior quality tub and tile sealant offers long-lasting flexibility and excellent adhesion and is easy to use

Ideal for indoors/outdoors. Provides watertight seal around non-porous surfaces, such as ceramic tile, plumbing fixtures, windows, doors, gutters, vents, siding, trim and molding

Compatible with glass, ceramic, fiberglass, porcelain, non-oily woods, canvas, most metals, plastics, rubbers and painted surfaces

Waterproof and weatherproof. Unaffected by extreme temperatures and will not crack, crumble or shrink. Cured sealant is mildew resistant

JCT Machinery can provide high quality silicone sealant production line for you. If you want to know more, please contact JCT Machinery:


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