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How do you make slime ?

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-08-20 19:29:56

Have you heard of Slime? Since its popularity in the United States in 2017, primary and secondary school students now have a new favorite in their hands: Slime. It looks soft and has a pungent smell. Mix a small amount of water and glue into a white powder, like sugar, and mix for a minute, turning it into a bright jelly-like Slime. The colors are delicate and brilliant, and DIY can be kneaded into a variety of handicraft, slippery bouncing around, very cute!

Such a lovely crystal mud, do you know its composition? Crystal mud consists of liquid glue, borax, pigment, water and so on.


There are many ways and uses of slime. Let's take a look with JCT.



We can teach children to play the wisdom and to go to DIY more interesting and interesting slime works. Crystal mud has gradually become an indispensable material for children's handicraft classes. The price of crystal cement sold on the market varies. However, according to JCT's market research, the profit of slime is still very good. Its production cost is low, the technology is relatively simple, the output is high, and it is welcomed by many stationery factories and toy factories. We can usually do their own DIY slime, but mass production or to find professional equipment, what equipment?

slime production equipment  kneader

The kneading machine produced by JCT can be used to produce slime. The kneading machine is an ideal equipment for mixing, kneading, crushing, dispersing and RE-POLYMERIZATION of elastic-plastic materials with high viscosity. It has the advantages of uniform stirring and high kneading efficiency. It can also produce rubber mud, chewing gum, bubble gum and other products. Not only that, but also JCT kneader can be designed according to your needs into PLC intelligent automatic production, is PLC intelligent kneader, want to know more, please contact:


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