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How to make a nice chocolate?

Author: source: Datetime: 2017-05-10 11:27:17
According to the formula of raw materials, the nature of different sources are divided into: Natural cocoa chocolate, Cocoa equlivient chocolate, Cocoa alternatives chocolate.
Additives are divided into: solid chocolate, solid chocolate with inclusions, enrobed or moulded products with bakery centers.

 Industrial chocolate mixing machine

Chocolate nutrition value: 
1, chocolate can ease the mood, exciting; 
2, chocolate for attention, strengthen memory and improve intelligence have a role; 
3, eating chocolate is conducive to control the content of cholesterol, to maintain the flexibility of the capillaries , With the role of prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease; 
4, chocolate contains catechins and tea in the same content, catechins can enhance immunity, prevent cancer, interfere with tumor blood supply; 
5, chocolate is antioxidant food , The anti-aging have a certain effect; 
6, chocolate is rich in carbohydrates, fats, protein and various minerals.

 Industrial chocolate mixing machine

Planetary mixer is a new highly efficient mixing equipment, without dead spots. It is unique and novel in agitation. There are two or three multi-blade stirrer and one or two automatic scraper. Agitator runs around the kettle axis, and rotates around its own axis on a different speed at the same time; so that the material in the kettle crashes intricately, strongly sheared and rubbed.

Chocolate mixer suppliers

The equipment is applicable to the process of mix, reaction, disperse, dissolute and quench the multi-component solid - solid phase, solid - liquid, liquid - liquid materials in the industries of chemical, light industry, food, batteries, pharmaceuticals, building materials, pesticides. It is widely used in the production of ink, paint, adhesives, sealants, filling plastic ointment, paste materials, grease, paint, paste cosmetic, paste food, additives and other compounds of high viscous preparation. Works under the viscosity from 10,000 CP to 1, 000,000 CP. Stirrer is multi-chose in the need of materials requirements, like multi-blade, frame type, butterfly type and out-wheels ect.

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Chocolate mixer suppliers

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