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How to solve the pollution problem in kneading machine production process

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-09-07 09:57:17

Traditionally, raw materials are added from the top of kneading machine by manual unpacking and throwing through the feeding platform. Because of its emptying operation, the thrown materials will recoil when they hit the bottom of kneading machine, resulting in a large amount of dust, making the operation environment of the workshop very bad, seriously affecting. The health of the kneader operator.


In the kneader mixing process, many reaction processes will produce a lot of flue gas or toxic volatile gases, the traditional method is to use exhaust, but the effect is often not ideal.

In view of the problems encountered in the feeding and using of the kneader, several options have been put forward for customers to choose from. The general solutions are briefly introduced.

1. The feeding part is replaced by the more advanced air-driven weighing system. The raw materials are directly delivered to the large warehouse through the automatic unpacking station after being automatically unpacked. The raw materials are conveyed to the weighing bucket through the screw, weighed automatically according to the formula proportion and then sent directly to the kneader mixing tank through the air-driven system. The whole process is automatically controlled and sealed. Dust leakage will not occur, making the whole feeding process to be controllable, visible, can be stored, greatly reducing the manpower at the same time it is very good to deal with the workshop dust problem, away from the trouble of pneumoconiosis;

2. The flue gas exhaust part is equipped with a flue gas collection system on the cylinder head of the kneader. Large particles are collected through cloth bags. Small particles and tail gas are discharged into the atmosphere through a series of filtration systems until they are safely discharged. This not only protects our blue sky, but also optimizes our production environment.

The solution will be shared with you and we hope to help you.

Kneader is suitable for the production of Chewing Gum, Plasticine, Silicone Sealant and other products.

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